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Declutter, depersonalise, downsize in Medowie Newcastle Port Stephens

Declutter, Depersonalise, Downsize

These simple tips are a useful guide to help buyers picture themselves living in your home. Marcella Cetinich from Valiant Interiors specialises in property styling and helping seniors transition from the family home to a retirement space. She recommends removing any distractions to showing off the features of your property.

  1. Declutter “One of the biggest hurdles when having lived in a house for 30, 40 or over 50 years is figuring out what items need to go and what can stay. Try to get rid of all the things you don’t need or have rarely used. Some can be given to charity shops, family members, sold online, and some may need to be thrown out.” Ms Cetinich explains.

  2. Depersonalise “These include family photos, fridge magnets, kids artwork and ornaments, nick-nacks, cards and paperwork. When somebody is coming through your home, they want to see how they could use the space and it’s distracting when rooms are filled with memorabilia.”

  3. Downsize “Remove superfluous or large furniture to clear space and make walking through your home easier. Highlight the positives through clearing out the old and bringing in some new on-trend pieces and fresh flowers.” 

  4. Do a clean sweep Walk through your home with a critical eye, it’s attention to detail that can make your house feel as inviting as possible. Bathrooms, toilets and laundry should be clean and smelling fresh – a set of new white towels and a scented candle can do wonders.

For those who would like some professional help to present their home for sale and maximise the sell price, Blueheath at The Bower is sponsoring a free downsizing seminar Selling in Style featuring Marcella Cetinich on Thursday 13 May in Medowie.