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Fact or fiction?

5 common myths about retirement living

  1. It’s expensive. Retirement villages are catering for their local community - they are usually priced lower than the average home price in the area and different villages offer different ranges of homes and facilities so there’s a retirement village out there to suit every budget. 
  2. You’ll be stuck in a tiny home. Visitors to Blueheath at The Bower, in Medowie NSW, are surprised at how spacious the homes are with their high ceilings and range of floorplans offering two and three bedrooms and a large garage. And don’t forget you’ll also have access to the shared facilities. At Blueheath this includes the clubhouse with kitchen, lounge, BBQs, outdoor terrace, bowling green, indoor swimming pool and gym. And the best part of it? You don’t have to look after them so no more time wasted cleaning the pool!
  3. The ongoing costs will break the bank. Before you make any move to a retirement community, you should investigate ongoing costs – how much they are, what they cover (and what’s not covered) and whether and when they will increase. This is where doing your research, comparing communities as well as what you spend in your current home and even consulting a financial advisor can really make a difference. Blueheath residents report that their ongoing living costs are often less than what they paid when living in their family home, particularly given that all Blueheath homes are energy efficient and fitted with free solar power which means their energy bills are very low.
  4. They’re for ‘old’ people. Age is just a number but retirement villages welcome people over 55 and while most people choosing to move into them are over 60, retirement communities of today are vibrant, connected communities with a range of resort-style facilities and social opportunities on offer.
  5. Your life will become smaller. Social circles can shrink as you become older but the beauty of a retirement village is that it can offer you a whole new circle of likeminded friends. And life isn’t limited to life in the village! Most villages make it easy for you to lock up and leave, so if you’re keen to travel it becomes easier to realise a dream roadtrip around Australia or a bucket list trip overseas.

Blueheath at The Bower offers exclusive, maintenance-free retirement in Medowie.

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