Blueheath at the Bower
Blueheath residents socialising in living room


Australians are increasingly seeing the advantages of renewable energy on the environment and noticeable savings on ever-growing electricity bills. However, the dilemma of retrofitting solar panels on your home, finding a reputable supplier at the right price and understanding the kilowatt capacity you may need, can be a daunting prospect.

When planning their retirement, most people focus initially on the financial implications. Beyond the practicalities there may be a plan for a bucket list trip or to buy a caravan, but what comes next?

After living through the experience of Covid-19 many of us are re-evaluating. Do we still want the same things that we wanted in a pre-pandemic world?

As a source of joy and companionship as well as a much-loved member of the family, most pet owners would not contemplate a move to a retirement village or over 55s community if it would mean leaving their furry friend behind.

Good financial information is essential when considering your retirement and in deciding whether to downsize. Blueheath at The Bower opened its doors to retirees considering their options at a seminar ‘Supersize your downsizing’ featuring Geoff Whiddon,

“Freedom!” was the response from Blueheath at The Bower resident, Steve Jewkes. For Steve, freedom means many things, freedom from looking after a large garden, freedom to travel and freedom to spend his time as he chooses.